Obstinate Kiddo

We all went to breakfast as a family this morning. My 4 year old was enjoying herself and building a castle out of the little jam and jelly packages. It was time to go and we told her it was time to clean it all up. She calmly sat back in her seat, folded her arms, and said “no”. Oh joy – a battle with my 4 year old in public! How fun! NOT! 

~Mishap Mary

Cheesy smile!

My daughter: “oh no! I forgot to brush my teeth! I feel bad! What if someone can tell? What if it smells really bad??? Should I go back home  real quick and brush them?” Me: “it’s one time sis, you’ll be fine. Chew some gum.”

My son: smiles at me. Me: “what the hell son?? When was the last time you brushed your teeth? They’re orange and cheesy! I think I may barf!” My son: “ummmm…” 

The difference between raising boys and girls. 🙄 

~Calamity Jane

Copy drama

I’m used to having someone make copies for me at work. Unfortunately, that is no longer a luxury for me. It has been quite the ‘lesson’ to learn how to run this beast of a machine! They are so high tech, they can almost wipe your butt! And God forbid you screw it up! The secretary looks at you with those daggers in her eyes because she’s usually the one stuck fixing the problem! Today, I went to make copies and the damn thing started beeping at me. Lights were flashing all over it.  I seriously think these high tech things have minds of their own! I couldn’t figure out why it was beeping so I was doing everything I could think of to fix it. (Mind you, my boss was having a conversation in the background with another boss and luckily the secretary had stepped out for a moment) I went through the tutorial…no help. I opened drawers and flaps…nothing. I stood there for 10 minutes messing with this copy machine and ALMOST kicked it I was so frustrated. BUT, I remembered my boss was behind me having a conversation, so I didn’t and I certainly didn’t want to interrupt and look like the incapable idiot I was feeling like. So what did I do??? I walked away. Figured I could copy that paper some other time. Yup! Left that problem to someone else! Came back 2 hours later and the problem was fixed! Hopefully no one reviews the cameras to find out who’s always screwing up the machine! 😂

~Calamity Jane

Dishwasher Wars

Growing up, our mom would make us load the dishwasher. She would nit-pick about where things should be placed and  eventually we learned how to load it perfectly. 

Fast forward 25 years and I’m loading my own dishwasher…just like mom taught me. The other day, I walked into the kitchen to find my husband re-arranging the dishwasher so he could cram in more dishes. I’d be ok if it was a dish or two, but he was trying to jam in 5 extra dishes. What?! Leave it alone!! I told him I would run it in the morning and then I secretly unloaded all the extra dishes, put the dishes back where they belong, and ran the dishwasher overnight. Shhhhh….
~Mishap Mary

Bottomless Pit!

I got home this evening and made beef stroganoff for dinner. I fed the kids and in doing so there was probably 3/4 of the meal left on the stove. (I’m eating something different as I follow a specific diet.) My husband got home and ate the remaining stroganoff. First of all, here the hell does he put it?? Second, God forbid we save any to use as leftovers! So irritating! 

~Mishap Mary